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The “EMO” Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Plant” founded in 1983 was a precursor of the EMO-FARM Ltd…

30-11-2015r. EMO-FARM: the honorary host of the "Cosmetics Industry 2015"conference

EMO-FARM acted as the honorary host of the fourth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Cosmetic Industry 2015".

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17-05-2013r. "A Company Good for Children"

EMO-FARM awarded with "A Company Good for Children" Certificate

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19-03-2013r. EMO-FARM a sponsor of KRWINKA and GAJUSZ foundations

Since year 2008 EMO-FARM supports KRWINKA foundation that helps childeren...

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28-05-2012r. Sudopanten Bobas – The Best Product of The Year 2011

Cosmetic series SUDOPANTEN Bobas has been awarded an independent, special prize and statue “The best product of the year 2011”, awarded by a monthly “THE CHILD” and the Mother’s and Child’s Institute.

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30-05-2010r. Venożel - Product of The Year 2010

At the end of last year, the publishing house "Pharmacy", for the seventh time, conducted a survey among Polish pharmacists

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